What sets Concrete Jungles apart from the rest? 


We care about your Succas.

It's pretty easy to make something and tell you it will be a great home for your plants. It's not so easy to craft something that is both beautiful and functional. We take the extra care to use the right ingredients and plan long term for your plants. If you're local and in the UK; choosing Concrete Jungles will give your little plant, whether a Succa or another species altogether, a great chance of survival. Plus you get extra goodies like a care guide and the knowledge that your plant is off to a great start. 

We grow our own plants. This is something we have always done, and always will. We are members of the British Cactus and Succulent Society and proud of it. We have a little network of growers in Norfolk and Suffolk who are all members of the BCSS and love what they do. If we run out of plants then we turn to ur friends and they help us fulfil our orders. As any Succa lover knows, all cacti are succulents but not all succulents are cacti, that is the first thing to learn. If you purchase a Concrete Jungle with a plant in it, be sure to ask the seller where it came from and who grew it. Some of our sellers will plant their own Succas and we can't guarantee their health, but if you have any questions you can always contact us and we'll do what we can to help. 


A family affair.

All our concrete planters are hand made by us; Sam and Paul Foster. Between the two of us we have over 50 years of experience working with concrete and plants. The wealth of our knowledge comes from Paul and this is very much a family affair with each of us bringing a specialist skill to the table to make this all possible. From the concrete casting to the photography and code; every element of Concrete Jungles is created by us so that we can guarantee the quality of everything we offer. You can read more about who we are here.


No shortcuts.

We prepare our custom moulds and mix a tested blend of the highest quality cement to make sure your planter is as resilient as it can be. Our sand is sourced from the quarry within 1mile of the workshop which is the site of our families long history as trusted local builders. We pour and carve our planters by hand because that way we can keep an eye on things. Time is then taken to cure your planter properly.

We make sure the planter is the right size for your Succa to flourish. Not too big and not too small. Too big and they won't grow. Too small and they still won't grow. They like their pots to be just right; we look after that for you so you can concentrate on enjoying them. Your planter gets a drainage hole to make sure your plants tender roots don't rot in stagnant water. 

There is a lot of beauty in the variation of the material and who are we to say that homogenous concrete clones are what the people want. Variety is celebrated at Concrete Jungles and we like to mix it up so roll with us and take a chance on something a little bit special. 


This is the really important part.

All our planters are finished with a special sealant to help control dust, water resistance and frost proofing. This is something we think is really important and it's also better for your plant not to soak up any nasties. It takes a bit more time and effort but we believe it's best for you and your plant and that's what matters.


Concrete fever.

If you decide to give some concrete crafting a go take the time to do your research. When you're working with cement be careful and wear a face mask and gloves at least. Before the chemical reaction with water, cement is dangerous to our skin so take care and read up on proper building instructions and not just information on a lifestyle blog. Take professional advice and make sure you handle cement in a well ventilated area. Seriously. 


Across the Pond.

We only ship within the UK and have no plans to go international just yet. There are plenty of awesome makers all over the world so shop local, shop hand made and support your crew! Here are some great little stores that might be closer to home...

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