Don’t sweat it, these little beauties are born survivors. A few things to know and you’ll have a happy Succa for years to come.

Where to keep them.

Succas love light so keep them somewhere they can get some rays. This could be a window sill, or somewhere that catches the sun throughout the day. In the UK it is best to treat Succas as house plants unless you're lucky enough to have a green house. Rotate them every few weeks so they don’t develop a gangsta’ lean. If they aren't getting enough light they will start reaching towards the light source. Any red or pink tinges mean they are getting a tan so give them some shade.

How to feed them.

Give them a drink no more than once a week between May and October. This is when they are growing! A 'drink' means room temperature water, and just enough till it starts to drain through the bottom of the container, whether that's a Plantasaurus or a Concrete Jungle. Don't over do it and never water them if the soil feels damp still. Let the soil dry through completely or you risk root rot and no one wants that!

Feed them with fertiliser in June and July. You can use tomato feed or a specialist cacti and succulent feed and follow the instructions carefully. You don't have to do this but it will help them grow and stay strong.

In the cooler months, November through to April, mist them with water once a week and only water (till then drain through) once a fortnight! They will be a bit shrivelled and look a little sorry for themselves but fear not, it’s just botanical hibernation. They will flourish once again come spring and in summer your little Succa might not be so little! Overwatering is bad for your Succa so don’t over do it, it's usually how over loving owners kill them off. It's not a Basil, it's a lot less needy.

Pests and critters.

All house plants face an invasion every now and again especially when you bring in new contenders for the window sill. We treat all our Succas before sending them out to you so they should reach you bug and disease free. If it's winter then the shrivelling is normal and sit tight. A common nemesis of Succas is the Mealy Bug. They suck the sap from our friends and you can recognise their presence from little cotton wool like specs. You can get rid of them using an insecticide (Baby Bio works well).

We supply stones with our Concrete Jungles to sprinkle over the soil which helps to deter pests and looks nice too... A bit like a garnish!

Don't let your pets or children touch or eat the Succas especially if they have recently had pest removal treatment.


As new growth appears, older leaves will shrivel and die, when this happens use some tweezers and lift them off so they don't rot near the plant. If any leaves happen to fall off or get knocked just put the end that used to be attached to the plant in some soil and in time it will start to grow another little baby Succa. This can take a really long time so be patient!

Use a paintbrush to dust your Succa every now and again so you don't get a build up. be careful not to touch their leaves too much with your fingers and take off the waxy coating that helps them protect their water supply.


Go and enjoy your little Succa and keep an eye on them so they don't get lonely! Share your photos and stay in touch with us on instagram and Twitter @concretejungls (someone took our e!) using #concretejungles

Happy houseplanting x