There's much talk of Succas around here, but there's a new fella in town and he's got a kick. Coffee Arabica is making an appearance at Concrete Jungles and he comes with a few demands, as most stars do. Here are some tips on looking after your new pal...


I'm alive.

I like to think about plants as I would a person, creepy as that may sound I find it helps when talking about what they need and how to care for them. They aren’t much different from us really, and let’s be honest sometimes they are easier to talk to!


House me.

Picture the scene, a tropical mist rolls by and you can hear birds in the canopy. You’re in the forests of the southwestern highlands of Ethiopia. Bad ass.

This isn’t some shmucky Starbucks, oh no, this is where Coffee Arabica originates from and it is beautiful.

There’s plenty of water from rainfall, the soil is rich and well draining. It’s very humid and Coffee Arabica bloody loves it.

This is what we need people, it’s sounding a lot like your bathroom isn’t it. Sling your Coffee Concrete Jungle in there and he’ll be happy.



Your Coffee needs lots of water, with-holding it is a lot like not drinking anything throughout the day, imagine how crappy you'd feel! If he starts to shrivell or brown then you need to give him a drink. They love a good fog and high humidity is great, so mist him too if you have the tools.



If you’re reading this and you’re living in a sunny warm climate then jog on, we don’t need to hear about your tropical paradise whilst we search for our umbrellas. We in the UK must keep our Coffee indoors a long with our Succas.

Keep it comfy… They don't like frost! Does anyone really? They like temperatures between 15 and 24°C. Keep your little fella away from drafts in winter. If it drops below 18°C for too long they won't be very happy.



Picture that scene again, a tropical canopy overhead. Think dappled light and you’re spot on. No direct light for this boy, he likes the shade so anyroom with a window will do so long as there is no direct light burning him up. You’ll know he’s getting too much light when the leaves brown. That’s sun burn my friend.


Growing up

In 7 years your little fella will be fully mature and in the wild could be upto 12m tall. Takes after his dad. Don’t worry though, the size of the pot will keep him small. If you want to watch him grow then you can give him a slightly bigger pot every spring. If he’s getting too big for his boots give him a prune in spring too.


Having Kids

Fancy yourself some Coffee kids? You can propogate with seeds, cuttings or air layers (for the pros). When your little one is mature enough after 3-5 years you’ll notice some little white flowers in the spring. After a while you’ll get some berries that darken into pods containing two seeds, that right there is your coffee bean gold. GOLD!