It's a big day when you realise that you've sold all your little Succas! It's not a day I expected to come so soon and it's all thanks to you wonderful lot who have given the plants we've tended to a loving happy home. From the bottom of our green and muddy hearts, thank you. 

Because we grow our own plants it's going to take a while for the littlest fellas to mature enough for sale. Rather than selling you guys some hopped up nitrate pumped mass grown monsters, we are going to put ours on hold till next spring. You can still buy the planters and the Cactus King is busy in the workshop making some new batches which will go live as soon as he lets me know they are all looking good. 

If you'd like your planter pre planted you can always get in touch with me and we can have a chat about what you'd like. We've got a lot of very special plants that other members of The British Cactus and Succulent Association are growing for us, so if you fancy yourself as a connoisseur then maybe we can make some magic happen. Herbs are wonderful in the planters and I'm very happy to send some your way too. How exciting. 

So, my friends, for now if you'd like a planted up Concrete Jungle then head to one of the suppliers listed on our hello page and see if they have any in stock or just holla at me. 

Peace & Plants

Sam x